Here are some of our amazing dogs available for adoption below. Please keep in mind there are likely more dogs available than updated here. If you are looking for a specific type of breed or temperament, please contact us and we will gladly see if we have a match! We may also be able to pull one from a shelter or connect you with another rescue. Note we often don’t add puppies here as they come and go so quickly!

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Helen, a female cocker spaniel is our sweet senior dog, we think a little over 8 years old. She is mostly blind and partially deaf. She was used for breeding and then placed on the side of the road when they were done with her. She is heart worm positive, she has not been spayed yet but she is the most loving and playful little dog. She was kept in a crate so she does have some muscle atrophy in her hips but she loves to move around now! She also has cataracts and would like them to be removed at some point when we can raise the funds and make sure she can withstand surgery. A sponsor would be greatly appreciated! Apply to foster or adopt today!

This pretty brindle girl is Peaches, the mom of the recent liter of puppies. She’s a 2 year old plott hound mix, and will be spayed early November. She can be a bit shy at first, but really sweet when she comes out of her shell and loves pets from people and is great with all dogs! She’s fairly submissive and loves to play!


Lulu (formerly known as Impala) had a very rough start....but she's put that behind her and is blossoming in her foster home. She LOVES other dogs. She gains such security and confidence from them. Her foster family is taking excellent care of her, but she would love a forever home and a fur-sibling!

Meet Bryce! New to the rescue, he’s a male plott hound mix. He’s only 5 months old so we’re still learning his personality but he’s fully vetted, playful & cuddly!


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